Costume Design

Genre: Period Short Film, Biopic

Inspired by the war effort and driven by a sense of personal responsibility, Margie becomes one of the first WAAC recruits of WWII - a true story about status, free will, and the birth of The Women's Auxiliary Army Corps.

Production Stills by Kell Riches

Costume Considerations

The Production Designer and I worked together to achieve a tightly unified color palette in this family drama set in Southern California in 1942.  The controlling maternal influence of the character, Cora, drove my design concepts.  She would have selected her family's clothing, and her concern for appearance would have dictated the family's daily dress habits.  I designed the costumes through the lens of her control.


As a character with a disability, I dressed Matty slightly younger than his age.  Mother Cora's efforts to make him presentable are almost achieved, except in reference to his socks.  

Matty for Portfolio.png
Matty 3.JPG

Margie and Elaine

In this scene, Margie and best friend Elaine relive their cotillion days (circa 1938) and have a private party on the porch.  I had the characters go barefoot in a minor act of non-conformity.