Costume Design

Genre: Sci-Fi, Live Streaming Webcast

In the year 2050, a former NASA astronaut flies tanker missions to Mars while training his boss's daughter, trying to save his job, and navigating life with his husband. 

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Costume Considerations:  The action in this live-streaming series is set in three worlds simultaneously: Earth Station, Moon Station and "Everyday Life" on Earth.  I dressed characters at both shipping stations in what I imagined as company issue uniforms that were similar in style but unique in palette.  As Max was battling his past while being hurled toward his future at warp speed, I designed "Everyday Life" characters as throwbacks, loosely suggestive of iconic eras in American history.   

Former NASA astronaut, Max

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The character of Moon Station techno-wiz Deepi, originally conceived as female, was cast as a man.  Keeping my original concept of updating the NASA look of the late 1950's, I added a hoody over the traditional white shirt and black skinny tie. 


Max's Husband, Mark

Mark - Concept 1.png
Mark - Concept 2.png

1940's Style Tycoon, Max's Boss, Keen

OR - Keen.png

The Head of Earth Station, Lilly