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The concept for Much Ado About Nothing, set during the American Civil War, included actor-musicians and required instruments authentic to the era. I selected instruments whose sound quality enhanced the emotional tone of the representative groups in the play. A fife and drum corps underscored Don Pedro and his militia.  The long suffering Don John was accompanied by harmonica solos. Leonato's household was underscored by the warm, homespun sound of folk music.  

Much Ado About Nothing

(authentic instruments for sound design)


How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying


"World Wide Wicket" Digital Logo Design

I designed this logo used for signage, as jacket emblems and on aprons, desk plates and nametags.


Little Shop of Horrors

Alley Can


Angel Street  Practicals


Combat Props


Desk Lamp


Dressing Table Lamps


Desk Lamp


Detective's Lantern


Practicals in Angel Street (better know as the film Gaslight) figure significantly in the theme and action of the play.  When Jack returns home from secret, nightly outings and illuminates the gaslamps in his study, it causes the gaslamps thoughout the home to flicker; informing his wife and household staff of his escapades. The lamps also serve as a symbol of clarity and truth in a home darkened by deception.  


Fireplace Sconses